So I've been Primal for about a week now, but decided to start this journal to hold myself accountable for keeping on track (especially since I just cheated and ate an entire pizza---but I put grilled chicken on it---still feeling a little bloated now). Anyway, a little about my first week:
I just started college and decided to go primal after I realized how out of shape I was. The exercise regimen fits in well with my busy college schedule, but the food is a little more difficult to procure. I started out the first week great by cutting out all junk food/sugars and grains. I had the carb flu for the first few days pretty bad and could barely stay up to do my homework. My meal plan allows me to have about two meals a day in the cafeteria. I have yogurt and fruit for breakfast and I usually grab a salad for lunch/dinner.

Food today:
B-Woke up 30 min. before my 8 am class that takes me 15 min to walk to (not a great feeling), so no time for breakfast.
L-Salad with carrots, grilled chicken breasts, and oranges. small yogurt. apple.
D-My roomates talked me into ordering pizza. 1 entire small pizza hut pizza with grilled chicken on top.

So I went to the store after my class in the morning and bought bananas, blueberries, carrots, and some fresh cut roast beef with full muscle/fat. Yum, but kinda expensive. I hope this lasts me a while.

Workout Today: Move at a slow pace.
Lets see, walked to my fifteen minute class both ways with detour to the store +10 min.
Had to walk there and back for another class in the same building.
20+ bench squats, 10 push ups

See you guys/gals tomorrow!

Oh and stats:
Female, 18 years, 5'11, 160 lbs. Goal weight 140 lbs.

We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.
Tony Robbins