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Thread: What Do You Do When You Crave Sugar?

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    I will try the l-glutamine, thanks! I've found that putting a little xylitol or stevia in my tea helps, or keep some of the sweeter varieties of terra chips around to snack on instead. The sweets and apples have a little cinnamon and sugar on them and that's usually enough for me.

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    I've only been primal since Jan 1 and sugar (from any source) seems to keep me wanting more. Since I discovered this (a great thing about eating primal is that I am much more aware of what I am eating now) I stay away from sugar and fruits.

    I figure maybe my body needs to go through some sort of sugar detox program before I can start adding it back in without it making me want to keep eating.

    I find that eating some nuts or cheese most times helps when I get that sugar type craving. Or some 90% cocoa chocolate (it doesn't have much sugar at all) but I try to limit that to 8 squares (one bar) a week.

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