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    If its a niggling little crave that keeps bugging me all day, I will mix a cpl tbsp of cream cheese with honey or agave and eat that. Usually works to satisfy me. But there are the times when nothing else will do but a choc bar or a handful of chocolates. I take that as a sign that my body is not going to let me off the hook easily. I will usually give in once a month to that, or plan a bad for me cheat meal with my family and let myself have a dessert. I usually end up having a couple bites of the dessert after a carby meal and pass it off to hubby who is a dessert garbage pail. He eats well most of the time, but has a bad sweet tooth we are trying to tame.

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    Drink a large glass of very cold CokeZero with fresh lime juice, that's what I would do anyway...

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    I find I only have any hint of cravings if I have eaten anything with sugar during the day. It just seems to start me off. Crio Bru for me with a nice dollop of thick coconut milk fixes that sometimes with a hint of honey.
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    I give into to cravings, but it is a slippery slope! A little sugar keeps me wanting more. The best thing to do if you really want to end the cravings is to fight through them and just eat more protein and fat. The cravings will go away. For me they never go away if I keep eating a little sugar here and there... just keeps the cravings coming. If you can work through them without feeding them you will be amazed at how you don't have cravings anymore. Everytime I want to give in my cravings which are very very seldom if I stay away from sugar I ask myself if it is worth weeks or months of trying to get rid of them again. Sugar is highly addictive to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annieh View Post
    I mostly don't crave sugar now, so yes it is entirely possible.

    When I first went primal I jumped in probably 90-100% and pretty much low carb at the same time and I think this is what helped me the most. I loved the good food and the way it made me feel so much that I did not miss the things I couldn't have.

    My tastes have adapted so that many many things taste sweet to me now - carrots, for one example. Straight grapefruit juice for another. Even the onions I fried for breakfast today. Dark chocolate is my favourite treat. Fruit is really really sweet, I only need 1/2 a banana in a recipe to give it enough sweetness.

    I'm wary of eating sweet things now because I really do NOT want those afternoon sugar shakes to return. I do not eat sugar at all but I will sometimes grab a handful of dried fruit or a teaspoon of honey. So far I have managed not to go overboard on them but if I did, I would back away again. I try to eat something else at the same time such as nuts or cheese. Yes this adds more calories, but overall it creates a more balanced snack with less likelihood of being tempted to grab another handful and another and know how it used to go.

    Good luck with your primal eating. I think my best tip is to make the first meal of the day fully satisfying but very low in sugar or indeed other carbohydrates. I do this with eggs, veges, fat and sometimes cheese or bacon. It sets me up well for continuing to make good choices as the day goes on.

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    I eat a date or two.

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    I eat something really sour--a dill pickle or a couple slices of lemon. The opposite of sweet seems to work for me.

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    Fruit - quite simply eat fruit. I know we have to eat fruit in moderation, but there are at least three advantages to using it for sugar cravings 1) You are eating something which is nutritious 2) It's a controlled portion of sugar 3) It gets you off the junk

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    If you get cravings and don't want to indulge them, use glutamine - a teaspoon or more with some heavy cream. It helped me when I was trying to stay really low on carbs and got sugar cravings.

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    I find that taking a very hot shower can help me get rid of a craving.

    Going for a long walk and distancing myself from the particular food can help also.

    After that it's a matter of toughing it out. There are no easy ways to "turn off" a craving... but it will go away if you keep resisting.
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