Hey guys,

I have been eating primal for a few days now and so far I like it. I was wandering if any of you can answer questions I have about chronic inflammation and supplements I have been using so far. I am 32 yo male, used to work as a computer professional until diagnosed with chronic wrist tendonitis in both hands year and a half ago. This sickness completely wrecked my life and I was forced to quit my job. Important thing about me is that I was physically inactive for last 8 years. Always under stress and consumed by work. Physical therapies had little effect with just minor improvements. So I am now exploring other methods like diet and mind body connection. First question I have is about supplementation. Doctors had me on NSAIDs for some time but I've stopped taking them and I am now using combination of Bromelain and Curcumin with fish oil capsules and that helped me with pain and inflammation. I have been using this combination for a year now. Other supplements I have been using are magnesium chloride and calcium citrate occasionally. Can I continue using those supplements or should I try to get them from food? With supplements I've managed to keep inflammation at bay a bit, but any kind of physical activity with hands like typing,using mouse, cleaning around house or driving my car sometimes would make my inflammation rise. When I did blood tests they've showed that inflammatory process is present, was negative on arthritis but had bit increased levels of uric acid so I've stopped drinking coke since I was drinking it instead of water most of the time. Is there any way to get rid of inflammation completely so my tendons can heal more quickly? What should I add to my primal diet to achieve this goal? I have started jogging with occasional sprints each day + strength exercises for my hands which cause inflammation spikes. Since I went primal I feel very tired sometimes and my muscles seem weak but I've red that is most common occurrence. I've found out that eating banana with maple syrup makes my tiredness go away. I feel much more relaxed and less anxious. Any advice you may have please pass it on. Thanks a lot for your help and time.