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Thread: Inflammation and supplements on primal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Húrin View Post
    I am glad you feel better now. I know how it is , there was time I could not dress myself without help of others that's how crippling pain was. Not to mention stress and frustration that came with it. Thank you so much for your feedback I will eliminate all night shades from my diet. Is black pepper ok ? I've red that black pepper is not nightshade. Do you have any suggestions what to use instead of night shade ingredients to fill a gap in recipes ?
    I use back pepper for the hot taste you might get from hot peppers. Cauliflower can do many things a potato can from mash to potato salad. Sweet potato makes a great baked potato or fries. Other root veges can sub for potato in soups. Tomato is the one thing I don't have a sub for so I just leave It out or find another recipe. Tomato sauces, ketchup and BBQ sauces are out. Read your ingredients. Anything that says added spices usually contains peppers and modified food starch is potato starch. Best to eat only what you have made for a week or two to make sure you have eliminated all night shades for sure to see if you feel better. In the beginning, I could not even handle potatoes without feeling it the next day. Almost 3 yrs later, I have found that I can make them for my family ( I still won't eat them), so maybe I have healed a bit and have less reaction.

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    Thank you

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