So I've been thinking about why the heck people shun fats due to CW and lead "low-fat, high-carb" diets which they believe will lead them to a healthy body and ideal level of fitness. I think the reason is because we use the term "fat" to mean BOTH dietary 'fat' (the good stuff), as well as 'overweight.' Seriously, in my honest opinion I think it would be a fantastic idea to start labeling 'fat' on nutrition labels as 'lipids,' or something along those lines, so that people stop thinking, 'oh, it has fat in it so therefore I will become fat if I eat it.' Anyone else think this is a good idea, or feel like this is one of the contributing factors to today's CW nutritional misinformation? Perhaps the FDA would agree to start using the word 'lipids' (like the French) on the nutrition labels.
Just a thought, but I honesty believe that the double-meaning of the word 'fat' has a negative effect on most people.