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    Cold water vs. Room temp/warm water?

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    Just wondering if there is any benefit to drinking water room temp as opposed to cold. I work outside (own a pet sitting/dog walking company) and lately it's been soooo cold and raw outside that drinking cold water feels like a shock to my body, so I find a lot more satisfaction in drinking my water warm-ish. I usually warm up a little in the teapot and add it to the cold water in my water bottle. Does it help with energy levels or digestion any better than ice cold water?

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    I always drink mine at room temp. I keep a picther on the counter just for that.
    Cold water always is harder to drink and sometimes hurts my teeth.
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    Yes, room temp water is better than cold. Cold water reduces the acid in the stomach which reduces digestion effectiveness.

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    Ice cold water burns a fraction of a calorie more due to the energy you body needs to exodnd to bring it to normal body temp. It's insignificant, you're overthinking it.
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