Hi everyone. I'd like to introduce myself, and get some input about whether switching to a Paleo diet could help my back pain...

My name is Nicki, I'm 45 and a sahm. I am 5'9" and weigh 195#. I'd love to lose 30#. I've had a grand total of 6 back surgeries, all at the L4-L5 level, with the last one being a fusion in 2009. I did pretty well for a couple years, then about a year ago my back started acting up again, both in the lumbar and cervical regions. I've had MRIs, and it was determined that I have several discs in both areas bulging, with one in each place markedly worse than the others. I also have arthritis in my back, and degenerative disc disease.

I have severe pain in my lower back and rt hip region, constantly. I am on muscle relaxers and percocet 3-4x/day, just to be able to function. I am unable to stand for longer than about 10mins at a time. For exercise, I walk outside when weather permits, 3-4x/wk, about 4mi at a time (I have 3 dogs). I gave up my gym membership because my back wouldn't let me workout there, and also walk my dogs at home....and my dogs needed their walks. While at the gym, I used to weightlift; now I have a Bowflex at home that I need to learn how to use. I also have intermittent neck pain.

I am wondering if switching to a Paleo, non-inflammatory diet would make any difference at all in my condition? I generally eat pretty well, but do consume a fair amount of whole grains. I also have a sugar addiction.

In addition to the pain relievers, I also take a Rx NSAID (Celebrex), and also Cymbalta for back pain. My back isn't bad enough yet to have surgery done....although if history repeats, it's just a matter of time.

I am unable to do chiropractic due to all of my back surgeries and the fusion, and can't do the upside-down thingy that you strap yourself into (sorry, can't remember the name) for the same reason. I've tried PT several times, with no relief.

Also, in the spirit of honesty, I'm afraid switching to Paleo 24/7 would be too extreme for me. I'm a carb addict!! Can one be successful having 1 or 2 "cheat" meals/week?

I wonder if anyone on here has had similar issues, and used this diet to improve their symptoms or decrease their pain? I'd love to get any thoughts or advice you guys have. Thanks for reading. :-)