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    Well, it kinda looks like his lunch is the same exact lunch minus two hearty pieces of bread. So right there that's going to make him hungry. If his dinner is the same dinner minus the starch, once again: hungry!

    Some people just feel hungrier on a breakfast of eggs and tomatoes. He might need a starchy side to round things out or an actual piece of ham, sausage or meat to go with the eggs. He might not want that, though.

    Honestly, if it was me, I'd just go buy some stuff to eat at work.
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    He's eating nothing, no wonder he's hungry. Just because you're watching your food intake dies not mean you have to starve the both of you.
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    I would starve on that amount of food and I am 5'3 and 127 pounds. Eat more! More protein, nothing wrong with lean protein if he won't eat fattier cuts of meat. More eggs if you can persuade him to eat them, more veggies, more...everything. Cold-pressed REFINED coconut oil has no taste so that might be an option for a good cooking oil/way to get some more fat into your diet.

    My typical breakfast is 4 eggs, 1-2 slices of bacon and coffee with cream. Or a nice big slice of sausage/veggie frittata with coffee/cream. I LOVE eggs and rarely miss an opportunity to have them.

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    Hi there,

    I three weeks into paleo and find you just have to listen to your body. Before I started paleo I was always 'grazing' and always hungry.

    Since starting paleo I find by eating 3 good meals a day I am no longer hungry and constantly looking for snacks to get me through. It was a matter of trial and error to find what kept me filled up the longest. For example if I just have fruit for breakfast I am hungry in around 3 hours again. If I have 4 eggs in an omelet with tomato and avocado I'm filled up for between 5-6 hours.

    Just trail and error and I'm sure you will find a solution.

    All the best
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    I agree that it doesn't sound like he's eating much at all! It's fine to cut out the bad stuff, but that doesn't mean you can't have a bigger quantity of good stuff! Plenty of meat and fat is quite satiating, and there's also nothing wrong with starches for someone who doesn't need to lose weight (as others have said).

    Those of us who need to lose weight often find it easier if we focus on eating meat and veg and ditch most starches altogether for awhile, but someone who's already thin needn't make the sacrifice!

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    My 2.5yo son had 4 eggs for breakfast yesterday... your hubby needs more food!

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    Quote Originally Posted by teach2183 View Post
    My 2.5yo son had 4 eggs for breakfast yesterday... your hubby needs more food!

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    My guess is that he's resistant to adding foods because he isn't sold on this idea and is concerned about eating too much X and improperly. It's just a guess, though.

    And yes, since he doesn't need to loose weight, he can eat more carb (starch/etc), and also he just needs to eat more. My husband has 4 eggs in the Am; I have 3; DS (who is 4) has 3.

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    Sweet potatoes. I can't stomach a lot of egg at once (unless mixed with something like made into a crustless quiche), but egg and sweet potato for breakfast should work.

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