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    Office life

    Hey everybody,

    A question for you regarding workouts with maximum results, for one who is short on time and confined to an cube eight hours a day :-)

    To float myself through the lean times from the start-up I'm running, I have had to take on a second, full-time job. In addition to those two things, I'm taking business classes at night twice a week and maintaining a relationship and friendships. To boot, I have overhauled my eating. (Not complaining at all here about a lack of time - I feel very good about everything.)

    The final missing piece in my implementation of PB is exercise. I figure if I come in a half hour earlier than normal a few times a week, I can still maintain my schedule for all the other stuff I have going on. Happily, I have access to a gym on my work property that has cardio and weight machines. Free weights too. I would love to CrossFit, but that's not in the budget for the next six months or so.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or resources that they'd recommend for a beginner like me - WODs? Squats in the cube? Doubt anybody would fund a standing desk, but.. suggestions, please.

    Thank you in advance!
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