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Thread: Improving my specs...

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    Improving my specs...

    Well, guess i'll finally make my own thread to post my primal musings.

    So when I started out on primal, I set a midway goal of losing 65lbs. Which would take me well out of the morbidly obese category and squarely in the middle of overweight. It's a weight I can still function at and takes me back to a weight I was at about 5 years ago.

    The weight really dropped off early on. Then a bunch of stresses, plus holidays, parties and life put me on a solid plateau. I was quite pleased with NOT gaining weight over the past couple months, but I just couldn't get the scale to put me within the last 10 pounds of my goal. I finally just dipped to under 10lbs left this morning, hence the journal start. As I think I will really need it once I set my next goal.

    note: I log my weight only when I hit new lows.
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