A few years ago I went to the gym religiously for months and didn't lose a pound. At the time I was told that exercise alone would not cause weight loss. In January of 2012, I cut out all refined foods, including seed oils and most grains, and began losing weight. During that time, I continued to do light exercise (walking, hand weights, a little floor work), and I lost a significant amount of weight. By around August 2012 my weight loss had stalled with about 30 lbs to go. I continued to exercise and eat a very clean diet until this winter, when I stopped exercising regularly. Over the holidays I indulged occassionally, but I watched my weight carefully and did not regain any weight. In January 2013, I started back pretty strict with my diet, but I have not yet begun an exercise regimen. So, my weight has not budged since August, despite my commitment to the eating plan and exercise--and in spite of indulgences and quitting the exercise. I am wondering what effect if any beginning a weight lifting program will have. Mark has written posts contridicting the muscle-burns-calories theory. What has been your experience?