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Thread: Night sweats and carb levels

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    Night sweats and carb levels

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    I've been experiencing an interesting phenomenon. When I have a lower carb day, especially when paired with a higher activity day (yesterday for example, I did an hr of hill sprints), I wake up with terrible night sweats.

    I also struggle with low estrogen and ammenhorea, which I always thought was responsible for the night sweats but now I'm starting to see a correlation between the sweats and days with carbs around 50g (with fiber 20+).

    Any ideas? I plan to try to up carbs a bit and see if that helps but it makes me curious.

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    Interesting... After going Primal my night sweats completely vanished. Same for my wife.

    Also very low body odor in sweat and "bad breath"/ morning breath. I attribute this to such a low sugar intake.

    try to reference David Wolfe's book on Superfoods, I believe one of his superfood suggestions addresses low estrogen. FWIW I have read the book, but have not acted on his preaching yet. Ok, I'm down with dark chocolate already
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    I got a lot of night sweats at the beginning. I was low carb at the beginning. I'm not low carb now and I still get night sweats. I think it's just my age.
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    Its your stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol peaking at night. You need more carbs and probably more sodium. Try a sugar/salt snack before bed and carbs post workout.

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    I was suffering from night sweats. Thought it was due to low estrogen. I read an article which suggested it may be causedcfrom spicey food. I eliminated the cinnamon from my morning smoothie and they immediately disappeared. Recently started adding apple cidar vinegar to my morning tonic of parsley tea and lemon juice. Bam! Back came the night sweats. Eliminated it and they are gone again.

    Maybe you want to examine your food and see if anything is causing a sensitivity. I am so glad I read that article. Such a simple cure. Doctor would have wanted to put me on HRT. No thanks!

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