Have been Primal for 2 years and everything is going great on my journey so far. I have almost cut out dairy.

I still love cheeses and Yoghurt.

A problem I encounted recently was WHEY Protein?!!!!

Years ago I successfully used it as part of my bulking plan and it worked a treat! Now .. WOW.. I've been taking 20g before and after workouts and my digestion system has told me in no uncertain term that if I continue It's going to make me explode from the insides out!!!!

Feelings of lethargy, bloated, hives and the most foul smelling gas and stools. At the moment I am writing this I have been constipated for 4 days.

Google has revealed it could be Lactose intolerance !

Can anyone give me any alternative substitutes for my pre & post workout window?

Thanks in advance