I got back the results of my 1st primal blood work and its pretty awesome. I have always had low total cholesterol, usually the total cholesterol is ~150. My HDLs are typical good, but the LDLs are higher, usually a 2 to one 1 ratio. I was worried that LDLs would go up due to increased saturated fats, but was pleasantly surprised. Here are numbers:

Total cholesterol: 133
HDL: 60
LDL: 62
Tryglycerides: 57

So my basic blood work is even better than usual. The best part was my platelets. I have ITP, an autoimmune blood disorder. Low numbers before had correlated with fatigue, exhaustion, general weakness. Normal is 150k - 400k. Mine were usually anywhere from 40k - 75k. After cutting out grains etc, this week my platelets were 121k. That is still lower than the minimum of 150k, but way higher than I'm used to. The advice all along was to cut sugar and refined flours, but I was a sugar hound and found it hard to change. I changed for overall health reasons so am thrilled to see that my platelets were so much higher. They dropped down to 28k at one point and I was almost hospitalized. Am so happy that that my diet change seems to have made my numbers better. I definitely won't worry about saturated fats, just occasionally switching things up to lose weight. I only have 10 lbs to get to an ideal weight but still feel pretty good where I'm at. High energy, good workouts - I actually feel like I'm operating at close to 100% - primal has been the best thing I've done for myself in a long time.