Hey everyone. My name's Kay, I'm a 27 year old jewellery designer based in Cork City, Ireland. I used to follow primal, about 4 years ago when I was studying Nutritional Science in College.

At that point I was super slim, healthy and fit, living an amazingly healthy country life, growing veg, hiking, breathing clean air and all that. Since I graduated I went into burnout with regards nutrition, after 6 years of relentless passion for the subject, I couldn't being myself to read so much as an article in a magazine to do with diet or health. So I became slowly but surely less interested and motivated, and my diet deteriorated beyond all recognition.

To make things worse, we moved back to the city, and our activity levels plummeted with the transition. We were both working all the time, I had no time to cook, barely any time to shop and definitely no time to grow any vegetables ourselves! Fast forward 2-3 years and now I'm a jewellery designer who works from home, which means I spend nearly every waking hour with my butt glued to a chair, hunched up making something fiddly or staring at a computer monitor.

All in all, not a great lifestyle, and my health has fallen to pieces in the last few months. I've had a sinus infection for nearly three weeks as of today, before that I had the vomiting bug and before that I had another sinus infection (this all since mid December)., my skin is in bits and my IBS is constantly nagging at me.

Weight wise, it's crept up very slowly but surely, I've gained 3 inches on my waist in those years and gone from a fit, toned UK size 8 to a dumpy UK size 12. My fitness level is embarrassing, I have no muscle tone anywhere anymore. I'm way to far into the curvy spectrum for my liking. I need to get on top of this now, I don't want to look back in ten years in regret. I don't have much to lose, but in some ways that makes it harder, as it's too easy to accept yourself when it's only a few pounds or a dress size. But I know in my heart it won't really stop here, in another 2 years I'll be a size 14 and so on. Aging sucks!

I've begun making small changes over the last few days, like cutting out wheat and cutting down on sugar. I will start to take things further and get more primal as I go from tomorrow on. For the record, I will be including dairy and coffee, and a small amount of soaked/fermented oats in my diet, at least at the start.

Exercise will be walking (It takes me an hour to walk to the post office with my orders, half of that is us a steep hill) and hopefully an gardening in a new allotment soon. I always found gardening a great all round fitness builder, especially if there's lots of digging and lifting. I'm also going to do a bit of strength training stuff at home, dumbells, sit ups and maybe get my kettlebell back out too.

I hope you'll all support me and give me a verbal kick up the arse when I need it! Thanks