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Thread: IF timing and calories for weight loss

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    IF timing and calories for weight loss

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    Let's assume that we have found the 'sweet spot' for timing IF (e.g. we can sustain hunger and even extend a little bit the fasting). If we consume around 300 kcal less than we need for maintenance and these calories constitute only one meal, then is it possible to expect weight loss? My maintenance calories are around 1800 and I consume around 1400 in one meal sometimes after 24 hours fasting and sometimes after 16. Can I expect weight loss? Theoretically, since these 16 or 24 hours I fast, my body uses fat to fuel its functions and hence, it entails fat loss. Is it consistent with reality?
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    Sounds right to me. I've been doing a 16/8 for almost 3 weeks now and not even every single day and I'm losing weight eating at what should theoretically be maintenance. My hope was to find a way to painlessly reduce my total consumption, but it hasn't worked out that way, lol. I am wondering if my modest fasting interval has actually had such a positive effect on my metabolism that my maintenance level is now higher.

    I'll be interested to see what more experienced IFers have to say.
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    Sounds ok, although, if you're exercising, you might want to eat closer to maitinance on those days and let your exercise create the caloric deficit.

    I myself, am a fan of eating once a day because I spend less time in the kitchen and worrying about food. It just seems much more natural to me. I workout fasted and I eat in the evening.

    But regardless of how often you eat, once, twice, three times, or more, just eart a healthy primal diet and things will fall into place.

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