I went primal back around Thanksgiving time. I lost 7lbs within the first 6 weeks. I am happy about that, and I seem to be maintaining that progress. I would like to lower my bodyfat %. I have been doing P90X2 for a month, before that P90X for the year of 2012. Before I was eating primal, I ate 40-40-20. My weight loss was very, very, slow. The only thing that kept me from going insane was the fact that I measured myself and knew that I was losing inches. The issue for me is that it seems like my body falls into a rut. It gets very used to a certain way of eating or working out, and just kind of plateaus. This is probably why my body let go of the weight when I switched to primal, because it was so foreign to my body, and tricked it. I don't want to change to another way of eating, I love primal, I'm glad I'm not starving just to be fit. But I feel like my body is falling into that rut again. I can't stand that my body is this way, I feel like I need to trick it to get it to release the fat. I am 5 lbs from my goal weight, but honestly, even if the scale doesn't change I'm ok with that. I just want to build more muscle. Does anyone else have this issue? I am not going to give up, I know something's gotta give at a certain point. Any suggestions on how to eat primal, not let my body get used to this way of eating, and to build muscle to replace that fat (I know that fat doesn't turn to muscle). I am starting phase 2 of P90x2, so I will be lifting weights now.

43 year old female
126 lbs
1800-2000 calories a day
I eat 15-15-70 p-c-f

PS My hubby just went primal- yipee!!!!