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My protein is 68 grams a day. Maybe I should lower my fat a bit, and up the protein? And I haven't started the sprinting yet. I have been recently thinking about it though. Is that 1 gram per lean muscle or total body weight. Just wanted to clarify bc I know Mark says lean mass. You're so right about us women and building muscle, and I feel like the older I get, the harder it gets. I am going to lift HEAVY. Do you notice a difference when you lift compared to cardio? I wear a bodybugg, so I can see the difference between and the calorie burn on weight lifting and cardio days. Weight lifting days I burn at least 300 more calories.
I really appreciate your response, I've seen you around the forum, and noticed that you are quite sensible.
Thanks for the nice compliment.

It's per pound of lean mass, but I don't mind getting more since my whole goal is to increase my lean mass.

You may also look into the science behind creatine. I've never taken it, so I'm not endorsing, but I have seen other people that took it and did get pretty impressive gains fairly quickly.

Sprinting would help spur your body to make HGH, which would help with your muscle growth, also. I've read articles that said sprinting increases HGH by 530%. That's pretty phenomenal. I'm trying it myself, but have only just recently started so don't have any anecdotal evidence to provide.

Oh and to answer your question- I don't use a Bodybugg or similar device but I feel and see much better results from resistance training than from cardio.