Ok this is weird because I would think all the good fats in PB and all the clean foods would be good for my skin. But I've been Primal for about 2-1/2 months now, I'm down 15 lbs, and my face and hands look like I've aged 10 years. I have fine lines all over my face now that were not there before I started primal. My hands, also, just look...old.

Since I know people will ask- my diet looks like this:
Breakfast is either 3 hard boiled eggs, a can of sardines or a protein shake and generally is around 300 calories. I also have one 12oz cup of coffee with stevia and almond milk.
I don't snack but do drink tea (green tea, rooibos or herbal tea) in the morning.
Lunch is usually a big azz salad of organic mixed herbs, tomatoes, 1 whole avocado, carrot, bell pepper and either steak or chicken on top with a balsamic vinegar/extra virgin olive oil dressing.
Dinner is often red salmon, cod or steak and the veggies vary by day: broccoli, roasted vegetables like beets, carrots, leeks. Occasionally we have rice or quinoa, but not often.

I don't avoid fat at all. I do avoid processed foods, sugar, dairy (because I'm allergic). I used to eat fruit all the time, now it's maybe some fruit one day a week.

I exercise moderately on a daily basis, mostly walking.

My vices are drinking red wine and eating chocolate. I'm a sucker for dark chocolate.

I supplement the same way I have for years, as recommended by my Naturopathic Doctor:
Fish Oil (only on days I don't eat fish)
Curcumin (a turmeric extract for my joints)

The only new supplement in my diet is NAC, which was recommended by my doctor and in my research I've not found anything that would lead me to believe it's affecting my skin.

So this leads me to believe either my diet is causing my skin to wrinkle up, or it's the weight loss...but I've lost weight before at this rate and this didn't happen.

Ideas? Suggestions?