of eating primal. Back in the day, I was a hardcore Adkin's diet subscriber. I lost quite a bit of weight that way but gained it all back. In the past five years, I have been to "fat camp" - gosh how they HATED that I called their Health Institute a fat camp - and learned the error of my ways, according to them, by restricting my carb intake. From there I became a vegan and now I am a fat vegetarian (I love dairy.) I found Mark's Daily Apple via a crossfit page (I don't crossfit...yet) and was intrigued. I bought Primal Blueprint yesterday and have made it to page 100.
I am already stressing about how I am going to eat. In all honesty, I really don't like veggies. I eat them because I am obligated (somehow) to eat them. If I had my druthers, I'd live on cheese pizza and cheese and crackers. I find I have to cover up most veggies, including salads, to stomach them.
I have a love hate relationship with food. Since being a young child it has always comforted me but been the bane of my being as well. I have struggled with my weight since I was a kid. The most happy I have been with it was during the termination of my 14 year relationship (the upside to a divorce). I lost about 50 lbs and kept it off quite well until this past winter. At this point I started to balloon up again. I have packed on 25lbs in the past 6 weeks (I also stopped my smokeless tobacco habit.)
I would like to start being primal ASAP (I think I have wrapped my head around the whole eating cows again thing.) I am reading the book but by no means am I finished with it nor will I claim to understand it all. I have a few questions about food recommendations.
Do I need to look for anything other than "grass fed"? I am fairly sure I can find this at Earth Fare. Any specifics on pork that I need to look for?
I have, on this site, seen reference to "whole" dairy. Is this simply nonfat dairy - cheese, sour cream, etc? Can I still eat cheese is my main question and are brands such as Kraft acceptable for sharp cheddars etc? What about mayo?
Salad dressing - what is my best bet for off the shelf dressings? I am sure, with time, I will start making my own, but in the name of getting myself started I figure I might should buy some dressing.
Can I have salt on my food?

I am sure I will have copious questions in the next few days. Knowing these answers will make going to the grocery easier today. If anyone has specific name brands that they opt for with any of the above, please throw it out there. I am nervous about hitting the grocery today. I'll be shopping for things it has been years since I have bought.

Thank you,