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Thread: A bit afraid....

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    On day 3 and hoping I am going at this correctly - I like to know I am doing things correctly for whatever reason - personality flaw! I think I am eating more dairy than I should but I LOVE cheese. About 4 - 5 oz a day. I went shopping which helps a bit; wild caught steelhead trout last night and a bowl of ground beef (grass fed) with half a can of diced tomatoes dumped over it. I will eat a salad in a little while; not in the mood for it now. On top of the protein I have been eating almonds, a spoonful here and there of Greek yogurt, a piece of fruit a day, and salads - lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a very little bit of a Greek?feta/vinegar based natural dressing. It seems that I eat my almonds and fruit while at work then get home and am super hungry. i don't have it all figured out yet but am moving in that direction! Bought veggies to steam while at the store today....they are in fridge.....maybe tomorrow.....

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    Just remember that your first week or so can be tough. Some call it low-carb flu, I call it feeling like crap, as your body realizes you're not giving it carbs and has to switch over to burning fats. Ride this out because it will go away. Once it does you'll have a whole new outlook on the lifestyle as you realize your energy levels are more consistent and your appetite is strangely less than it had been.

    Also, +1 on the changing tastes. Didn't think it was possible but it is. I don't quite crave veggies yet but I do find myself adding them to everything.

    Oh, and repeat after me ... mmm, bacon.

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