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    Quote Originally Posted by vb66 View Post
    One apple is not enough carbs if strength and mass are your goals! Don't fear fructose or starch! You're a young male with not metabolic problems, not an older, sedentary overweight adult. Add in a big whack of sweet potatoes or white rice after your lifts and I think you'll like the results.
    So having some (basmati) rice post-workout won't cause fat gain? I guess I should've clarified that while I do want to gain mass, I want it to be lean mass, so I'm willing to gain slowly if I'm gaining quality muscle instead of fat.

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    Even by a slow gain you need to be in energy surplus and must expect also to gain some fat along with your new muscle mass. Estimate to gain one pound of fat for every tree pounds of muscles if you are doing a lean bulk. Then later on you diet back to get rid of the fat...

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    Does apple sauce have less nutritional value than regular apples. I too am trying to gain weight and wondering if this is a food I should eat.

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    Most of the nutrition is found in the skin of an apple. (As far as vitamins etc.). Whereas the pulp has the sugar/energy.

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