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    Portabello mushrooms, or bell peppers, stuffed with whatever you like.


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    I often eat:

    Baked fish on spinach
    Beef tossed with zucchini, onions, oregano and tomato sauce
    Beef burgers with sweet potato fries
    Beef with garlic sauce over cooked and shredded cauliflower (like rice)
    Shredded fish with carrot and fennel
    I do lamb curry but beef curry would also work
    Raw beef sliced very thin with ruccola lettuce, parmegian cheese and balsamic vinegar.
    Ceviche (fish) with added sprouts, greens
    Currently eating strict Paleo, no rice or potatoes. I want to increase carbs and make sure my ratio of carbs, protein and fat is right for me.
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    Sea veg - samphire, sea spinach, purslane ... all perfect with a fine piece of steak.

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    Saw a lovely looking recipe (will be trying this myself) for swede - peel and thinly slice about half a swede, and layer in a dish with some anchovies, then mix some cream and grated cheese (parmesan or aged cheddar) and pour over the top. Cover tightly and cook in a slow oven until the swede is tender, then grill/broil until the top browns. Would make a nice change to potatoes dauphinoise, and sounds delicious!

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