Does anyone have any recommendations for a good brand of supplements that's both high quality and inexpensive? This may be asking for too much. I was buying a lot of stuff from Mercola, but Mercola's products are REALLY expensive (though high quality). I'm seriously going broke with all these freaking supplements and grass-fed meat and pastured butter and organic veggies!!!! I also buy stuff from GNC--it's less expensive than Mercola, and it's the brand that my mom used so I guess I'm somewhat attached to it myself. But I don't even think I can afford that anymore. The reason is that I'd like to start Crossfit so I'm trying to find an extra $150 a month. I realized that I've been spending way too much money on supplements.

I just bought an 8-oz bottle of Now magnesium citrate from Amazon. I figured that magnesium citrate is just a salt so they can't screw it up too badly, can they? The difficult stuff is the vitamin D3 and K2. K2 is freaking expensive. I also take selenium and chlorella. I have ten mercury fillings in my mouth and can't afford to have them removed and replaced right now. Selenium and chlorella are both supposed to attenuate mercury poisoning. Chlorella is supposed to help you get rid of it, and selenium binds to mercury and renders it harmless (or something like that--I read those articles 10 years ago when I was in college). This being healthy thing is freaking expensive. Eating Top Ramen and CAFO eggs is so much more affordable.