Hey folks,

Brand spankin' new here. I actually JUST posted my meet and greet. I have a question on calories. I KNOW I Know, don't count em' doesn't matter- whatever. I got curious the passed two days. I wrote everything down and totaled at the end of the day. I was shocked. One day I was at 863 and yesterday 786. Um? I'm not hungry. Sometimes I'll let my stomach growl a couple hours so I can plan my meals around my work schedule, but all in all, I'm not purposely skipping meals. Typically, if I feel hungry, I just eat something. Averaging two meals and a couple snacks during the days.

Thoughts on this?

Yesterday I had a big salad with turkey cooked in coconut oil. Spooned some the oil on the mixed greens too. Topped it with tomatoes and a pinch of sunflower seeds and my homemade dressing (based off a paleo ranch dressing recipe) It lasted me a whopping 8 hours before I was hungry again! After work I had lettuce wraps with ground beef.

The day before I had seaweed only sushi. One roll was raw salmon with asparagus and cream cheese, the other was a cooked beef roll. Had a salad several hours later, munched some carrots in between.

Oh, speaking of carrots, those ok? Seem so sweet and comparable to fruit. I have been monitoring my intake of those, because I could seriously eat a whole dadgum bag.

Peace and Love