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    New to forum and paleo!

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    Hello folks,

    Glad to be here. I've been lurking on mark's for a little while now and decided I wanted to join in.

    I started paleo exactly one week ago today. I found it by accident, really. I was starting to figure out I was gluten intolerant, verging on being allergic to gluten. Headaches, sickness, cramps, bloating ALL the good things! So, while looking into "wheat belly" I stumbled upon mark's daily apple and consumed any and all information I could find relating to paleo. That was January 31st. Without even really thinking about, I just started on February 1st, why not, right? I hadn't even gone grocery shopping. I didn't really even HAVE anything! Fortunately, I have my own chickens so I had eggs for breakfast and made it through the rest of the day.

    At first I was having a little cheese on my salads, but I decided I didn't need it. I will consume dairy once my goats are in milk again (Hey, I'm a farm girl if you hadn't gathered)

    The first two days left me feeling a little wonky. Some "wheat flu" and some cravings, but by day three, I was weirdly at peace about it all. Just felt fine. Normal. I don't really think about it now, even just one week into it. I work in a bakery part time and there are moments when I think about the donuts I'm carrying around, but I move passed it.

    I have about ehhh say 150 pounds to lose total. Actually, I really don't know! I've been fat my entire life. I mean, I knew I was the "fat kid" in first grade. I've dieted and exercised religiously my adult life and I never could figure out what was wrong with me. Why did I continue to gain weight? Same story as most folks.

    So, I'm changing to this permanently. I want to lose weight, yes. I won't lie about that. However, I didn't start this TO lose weight. I started this because I felt, to the very center of my core that it was right. It goes along with everything I believe in. Whole, natural, locally grown food. I want to walk the talk, not just talk.

    Anyway, I actually didn't weigh myself the first day. I didn't weigh until today, so I suppose I will do weekly weigh-ins from now on to keep track.

    Peace and love,


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    Welcome! Good luck on your weight loss goals. I hope you'll let us know how it's going.
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