Hi all,

I am relatively new to the forum as this is my first thread, but I believe I have a worthwhile (broad) question that the collective knowledge of this forum could help me with. My question is: as a student entering my first year of medical school this upcoming fall, how can I incorporate the core principles of the PB into my future as (tentatively) a cardiologist or general practician? I fear that I will have trouble battling with the mandates of CW. Are there any practicing doctors out there that could offer some input on this? Or perhaps any individuals that have been patients in a setting where PB principles were conveyed as preventive measures and maybe even more effective 'medicine' than the side-effect-laden medicines that are out today? Also, maybe there are sources you know of that speak of various physicians going against the grain and using principles representative of the PB. I understand this is not a very direct question, but any input would be appreciated.