I've been Primal for over a year now, and lately it seems like my gluten intolerance has increased. I haven't had gluten on purpose in many months, mainly because it makes me feel horrible--joint pain, rashes, digestive problems. I used to be able to consider things like sushi or Domino's gluten free pizza as 20% treats, but both of those things have made me ill recently. Yesterday, in a moment of stupid (or just low blood sugar, aside from coffee w/cream I hadn't eaten in 18hrs) I drove through a hibachi take-out place and shared steak & shrimp with my daughter, not even thinking that they likely use regular soy sauce (in addition to crap oils). I ate all the steak, zucchini, and maybe 1/3 cup of the rice. 10 minutes later I had to run to the bathroom, and had a stomach ache for the rest of the afternoon. And today I am paying for it even more--my joints feel horrible, wrists in particular.

Have any of you guys had a similar experience? I'm wondering if the increased sensitivity is because of lack of exposure? Or maybe my gut flora is more out of whack lately?