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Thread: Pcos + I accidentally cheated today..

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    I think she means that Mark doesn't say you can't eat those things or that you absolutely shouldn't. Moderation, maybe, but a full out ban, no.
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    Seriously? Where exactly does Mark say we HAVE to eat starch and fruit to be primal?

    Many women who eat primal do indeed restrict fruits and starches because those foods are not healthy for them, given their individual physiologies. PCOS women often fall into this category.
    I think bottom line, primal is set up to be a relatively easy to acheive and maintain way of eating because it allows for a lot of diversity. When you start restricting primal foods, even out of need, you make it harder to stay primal. Put it this way, if I crave a sweet, I grab a banana, satisfy that craving and go on with life. If I have nothing to satisfy that craving, that craving builds and builds until I go eat whatever.

    When people start restricting their food choice heavily, it takes a hell of a lot more effort to stick to the diet, and it's going to be a hell of a lot harder to make it a life long change. I'm very happy to be lucky enough to be able to eat anything on the primal list and be fine. I know others just can't.

    Now, if I was coming from a SAD diet, I would just do normal primal blueprint for a while before I started dropping foods like starches and fruits. (No idea what niah was eating a month ago, but if it was SAD or carb heavy or low fat if I were her, I'd wait to see what happened before dropping fruits and starches). Most people can lose weight while having access to fruit and starches and it makes it easier to maintain the program. If after a few months, things just are not working, then take a look at what you should start eliminating.

    I think if you can't eat starches and fruits, that I'd concurrently go look at info for programs like Atkins and other specifically very low carb diets as an additional resource on how to deal with cravings.

    I guess for me, Primal is easy to stick to because of the diversity of food choices, and don't get too upset with yourself if you put further restrictions on the diet and fall off the wagon a lot.
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    Hello Niah,

    You sound in such mental anguish...please be kind to yourself. You SO deserve it... I would just say something I have said before which is: It's human to stray. The excellence lies in getting back on track.


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