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Thread: Panera's "Hidden Primal/Paleo Menu" page

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    Panera's "Hidden Primal/Paleo Menu"

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    Access into Panera's Hidden Menu :: Articles & Tips :: MyPanera

    Other than the hummus bowl, this isn't too shabby for a fast food joint. It's good to have another "crap-I-forgot-my-lunch" meal option.
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    I agree, it's a refreshing change. I own a business and am in and out of my car all day so there are days when getting home to make lunch just isn't an option, or I run later than I thought and am bordering on starving.

    My husband and I tried the steak/egg breakfast bowl last week and other than the poor-quality tomatoes (which on the east coast in January isn't a surprise) we were pleased, it was very tasty.

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    i haven't checked it out yet, but i'm looking forward to. what kind of stuff is on the menu?

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    I would definitely try the breakfas steak bowl. That looks awesome!

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    Just tried this last night. I had the steak lettuce wraps. While certainly better than Panera's usual offerings, I wasn't very impressed. 3 thin pieces of steak, a couple leaves of lettuce, some tomatoes and onions, and a tiny drizzle of basil pesto. It's good if it's your only option, but I wouldn't eat this regularly.
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