I was informed on 1/3/2013 that my thyroid was hyper-active. Most people lose weight because their metabolism is on over-drive. I am one of the few that has not lost weight. I was also told I can not exercise (I was told not to do anything that raises my heart-rate) until my thyroid levels are in the normal range.

My question is: If I start eating primal and can't exercise, will I be more likely to gain weight. On January 2, 2013 I deadlifted my PR of 95lbs. I was pretty active, gym 3-4 days /week and do other stuff on non-gym days. As a person who needs to lose 6o lbs, I am just frustrated and bored. I read the primal blueprint and the primal connection. I understand you need fat to burn fat. Its just how much fat can I burn if I am not exercising.

Any replies, discussion, advice is appreciated.