BUT, I'm eating way too much dark chocolate. Like every day. 1/3 of a bar. I don't know how I'm going to get that under control. I bought some unsweetened bakers chocolate and I've been nibbling on that because it's difficult to eat quickly. I got too much in my mouth the other day and I had to spit it out because I didn't know how I was going the swallow the goo!(That might've sounded dirtier than I'd intended.)

I think I'll keep some unsweetened bakers chocolate around and try avoid having too much other dark chocolate in my pantry.

I've also been eating too many calories. Just too many. I realize my meals are disproportionate to a fault. I often eat 500 or less calories at breakfast and 900+ at lunch and dinner. I am going to shoot for 3 meals, each around 700. That's roughly enough to lose weight and it's plenty of calories to satisfy me. I've just basically been running wild with the oils, but they are calorific!

I am not going to jump into IF just yet. I love breakfast. It makes me happy and if it's a good, satisfying breakfast it keep me going until lunch. I had breakfast about 11 am and it's been 4 hours and all I've had is an orange. I feel awesome.

So, while I'd love to get away from the calorie counting, I think it's necessary for me. I'm not to be trusted with fats!

I also should mention this whole week starting primal it's been that time of the month, meaning my appetite should've been increased a lot. The fact that I've stayed away from sugar and bread says a lot about the primal life. I am hoping that after TOM ends and my appetite stabilizes I'll be able to accurately judge things that fill me up and keep me satisfied well into the day, compared to things that might not keep me that full, along with making sure I'm not eating 3000+ calories.