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Thread: horrible breath since started Paleo/Primal page

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    horrible breath since started Paleo/Primal

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    Hi there,
    since I started to take control of my health, I realised my breath became horrible in every sense of the word! Even while not in ketosis.
    does anybody have any experience and advice?

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    Other than dental hygiene, which I'm sure you're already doing, this is what I thought of:
    If you have acid reflux, it will affect your breath. When I had acid reflux, someone told me my breath was 'sour' and that they could smell it from several feet away. (Embarrassing!)
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    For me, chewing on parsley is the only thing that actually works for a while.

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    Are you eating too much protein, not enough fat/healthy carbs? I seem to recall bad breath is an effect of too much protein.

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    Make sure that you don't have Tonsilloliths

    These things smell worse than anything you can imagine.

    If you do have them I highly recommend a tonsilectomy
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    Gargle with baking soda and water now and then. Drink baking soda and water a while after a meal at least once a day.

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    Agreed! I had this when I was in my very early teens (for about 1 yr), got my tonsils out, no problems since. They are absolutely awful! Have you had repeated bouts of tonsillitis? If so, this could very well be the cause.
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    I also found that my primal diet was giving me horrible breath. It wasn't something I'd ever had a problem with. For the last couple of months I drink maybe a quart of kombucha/week and several fermented dill pickles. I also make a point to have potatoes 2x a week or so. Yogurt had always been a part of my diet. It seems to be getting better. I think it's a gut flora issue and something smelly started growing as I cut the crap out of my diet.
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    Maybe you are sick?
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    I have also noticed this. I am going through 6 to 8 pieces of gum per day on top of brushing 4 times per day. Never had this problem before.

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