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Thread: horrible breath since started Paleo/Primal

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    Is this really common? I haven't noticed it yet but I've only been primal for a couple months.

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    I've been following PB for 9 months, no issues here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFastCat View Post
    Make sure that you don't have Tonsilloliths

    These things smell worse than anything you can imagine.

    If you do have them I highly recommend a tonsilectomy
    oh man are you right on that one, luckily i've not had them for quite a while, and definitely not on paleo.
    Wish i knew what cured them, for curiosities sake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenbeast View Post
    oh man are you right on that one, luckily i've not had them for quite a while, and definitely not on paleo.
    Wish i knew what cured them, for curiosities sake.
    The only worthwile cure is a tonsilectomy. Those things are absolutely horrid. If you are prone to them I can't recommend a tonsilectomy more. I had them for a few months 15 years ago after years of chronic tonsilitis. I scheduled a tonsilectomy ASAP - top 5 best things I have ever done; never happened again. An added bonus is that I've only had one sore throat in the past 15 years (used to have really painful sore throats many times a year).
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    Are you in ketosis? That's a retched horrid breath. From large amounts of protein, lowered carbs and detoxing the previous crap. Parsley works somewhat, but nothing works better for me than gargling, rinsing and foaming with regular drugstore variety hydrogen peroxide. Don't swallow it. It kills the bacteria of keto breath and any other little bugs your mouth may have. I usually brush my teeth with it once a week, rinse, let it sit in my mouth and foam up for awhile. If it foams, there is infection or bacteria its killing off. It's a good thing. And then finish with a good long throat gargle, spit and water rinse. Fabulous stuff. Cures my ear infections as well. I'm a regular reader of Earth Clinics site and always try a natural remedy first before letting a doc write me a prescription for more poison.

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    I've never had anything but mild ketosis breath for a short time while primal, but most halitosis is from the gut, not the mouth or throat. It's very possible you're killing off bad guys in the gut and they're making a stink about it (ha!).

    I'd use good ferments (like Bubbies pickles, or make your own sauerkraut or kim chee or yogurt, etc.), bone broth, avoid sweets entirely for a while (and grains, if you're not 100% already), and maybe a quality probiotic. If this is the worst of your "I cut the crap food" die-off, you're very fortunate!

    Or it could be Satan.
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    Oh I have the same problem, badly. I've pinned it down to happening whenever I consume milk/yogurt/cheese or even butter... always accompanied by thick mucous in my mouth and throat- sorry - however I think I need the calcium so I stick with cheese and yogurt which give me the same problem but less of it, and put up with the smell issue...
    but maybe you could try dropping dairy for a little to see if it goes away?

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    Chewing on fennel seeds helps me. They have sort of a refreshing, sweet taste to them. And you can swallow them when they're all chewed up.

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