I am seriously considering a Leptin reset - but I am hoping my MDA friends can give some guidance before...

-I am rarely hungry anymore and I can get side-tracked if/when I am...then after awhile my stomach is no longer growling. I can eat only 1-2 times a day and be satisfied. Did I screw up my metabolism even more? Maybe I'm not even eating enough so my body thinks it's being starved and is holding onto the fat?
-Eating 30 min after waking would be a HUGE challenge for me. Could I be successful if I did it within an hour? Reason I ask is it takes me at least 30 min to get dressed and take the dog out for her morning walk. And since I live in a townhouse it's not a viable option to just "let the dog out" until I finish eating, etc.
-Do I need to make sure I'm counting the carbs? Or can I just make sure I'm not doing any potatoes, rice and cheese, grains, etc? (I really hate counting things like calories, nutrients, etc) I am thinking I would rule out most or all fruit too on a Leptin Reset.
-For fat choices - can I use bacon fat? It's "free" after I cook the bacon afterall...
-Heavy cream - I can't seem to find "heavy cream" but find "heavy whipping cream" - I don't think these are the same-thoughts?
-Light/dark - it gets dark here around 5pm and I don't get off work until 6pm and I still have to go home and cook... If I keep the house dark w/ the exception of a small light and the kitchen lighting to do the cooking... What are your thoughts?
-What about the eating before sleeping - sometimes dinner is not ready until 7:30 (due to my commute time etc) and ideally I should be heading to bed by 10 for the sleep that I should be trying to get under paleo/primal.
-Maybe due to all of these situations it'd be easier to wait for spring/summer? But I don't want to really wait to get my body back on track...

Thoughts are appreciated from those who are familiar with Leptin/metabolism :-)