We're coming into the home stretch now! One week left until Good Friday. From there it's just a 2 day fast (for me) until Easter. I hope the Whole 30 (+) is going well for everyone. I'm still cruising along. I'm sure the dairy and alcohol will find their way back into my diet after Easter (I already have a bottle of bubbly picked out for Easter dinner), but perhaps a bit less of them than I was having before I started this Whole 30. Other than that I expect to continue down this path.

Interestingly, it's not been the constraints of the Whole 30 that I've found most challenging, it's been the meatless Fridays. During the 10+ years I was a vegetarian I hardly ever gave any thought to Fridays during Lent. Now meatless Fridays take a lot more planning, even more so this year with no dairy on my Whole 30.

Check in when you get a chance. Still sticking with it? Do you have any special plans for Easter?