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Thread: That Time of Year - Lenten Whole30

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    Today I tried this: MUSHROOM CHICKEN AND SAUSAGE CASSEROLE - Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes

    Quite good but the next time I'll definitely double the vegetables.

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    That casserole looks great! Did you substitute something for the cheese or are you including dairy in your diet?

    This weekend I went indoor rock climbing with the kids and some friends. For dinner I made a big pot of braised short ribs which was perfect after such a hard work out. The beef was good, but the sauce that I made using homemade bone broth was amazing!

    On Sunday I made Mark's Crispy Carnitas. Crispy Carnitas | Mark's Daily Apple If you haven't tried that recipe it's a MUST! There are a lot of good recipes on this site but I think this may be the very best. This was the second time I made it. I served it with some homemade guacamole. So YUMMY!

    This morning for breakfast I served up some of the leftover carnitas over a bowl of mixed salad greens and topped it with a fried egg. Wow! That was enough to keep me full until dinner.

    I hope everyone had a nice weekend and that things are going well with your Whole30 and Lent.


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    I eat little dairy (mainly hard cheeses, sometimes yoghurt) and it does not seem to affect me in a bad way in terms of health or weight loss so I decided not to avoid it during my Whole30 when a recipe requires it. However, I am not very fond of cream cheese so I just grated a bit of cheddar and gouda to bind the casserole. But if you want a substitute, perhaps two eggs would do?

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    Hi Everyone,
    Sounds like a good weekend with lots of yummy eating. The link to the crispy carnitas looked wonderful!!
    My weekend score was right at the C level. Good salads for two meals (A+), but squares of my hubby's homemade coffee cake for breakfast and snacking. Do I get 1/2 of a point for it being blueberry? I'm able to order well off the menu, but the constant lure of the tables of snacks at the hotel was my downfall. Can you say "mindless eating?" And then last night back home was carry outs from our church's sausage supper (Anyone ever been to a St. Louis Lutheran Sausage Supper? It's a slice of heaven on earth!). Fortunately, the fat content is really high. Pork sausage, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, homemade desserts from the older generation. I did pick out the less bad from the really bad! Fasting today, in case you're wondering! I weigh in again on Wednesday, so I'm hoping for enough time to recover.

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    Anyone else turning down the requisite Lenten fish frys?

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    How is everyone doing? I am very disciplined. I finished my casserole yesterday, and today I had turkey liver with bacon, onions and broccoli. I am not tempted to eat foods that are off-limits. Also, I finally started going to the gym regularly. Well, we'll see in two or three weeks - I only started this week, and after just two workouts (plus one pilates class), it is perhaps too early to say. But I'm enjoiyng it and hope that it, along with Whole30, will help me break the plateau.

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    Great job, Farfalla! I'm also starting a new exercise routine. I just finished reading The New Rules of Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler and I'm currently reading Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. I've decided to start a heavy lifting program. I'm following the program in The New Rules... I just started yesterday. Loving it so far. I feel great this morning.

    I have a small home gym but no heavy weights (Mark would NOT be proud). I'm going to sell off some of my existing equipment and replace it with a power cage and weight set. I'm keeping an eye on criagslist for a good deal. In the meantime my community center has a small gym available for just $15/month which is working well enough to get started.

    The Whole30 is going great. My family is very supportive. The other day my husband was cooking some collards for dinner. He usually adds a bit of sugar to the pot but didn't this time knowing that it didn't fit with my Whole30.


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    I owe you for the link to the carnitas! We had a snow day today, at both my school and at my kids', so I got three crock pots going for meals for the next week: the carnitas, a stuffed pepper (cauliflower instead of rice), and an herbed chicken. Hubby was very happy to walk into a yummy-smelling house after an icky day fighting the snowy roads.

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    Happy 2nd Sunday of Lent! Five weeks to go until Easter!

    I hope everyone is doing well. Tigger, you'll have to let us know if you liked the carnitas. Everyone I know who has tried that recipe just raves about it!

    My big news for the week is that I managed to find a good deal on craigslist for an Olympic weight bench with lat pulldown and a full set of weights and bars! I'm still looking for a deal on a power cage so I won't need a spotter for squats and bench press, but the new set should serve my needs well enough to get started. I'll be spending part of today moving equipment around in the basement and installing the new stuff which will be enough of a work-out by itself.

    For breakfast this morning I tried a variation on the Turnip and Bison Scramble recipe that Mark posted yesterday.
    Turnip & Bison Scramble | Mark's Daily Apple
    I was out of ground bison so I used some breakfast sausage instead. It was absolutely delicious but didn't turn out quite like what I expected. I thought the turnips would be the consistency of hash browns but I wasn't able to get them very crisp. By the time I poured in the eggs the turnips just completely disintegrated. There was no way to tell in the finished dish that there were turnips in it at all, not by taste nor texture. Still, the scramble was yummy and the green onions added a lovely crunch.

    The Whole30 is going well and my pants are fitting properly again (they had gotten a little snug since Christmas). The biggest surprise for me is how little I miss dairy. Last time I tried giving up dairy (while eating low fat, high carb) I found it really difficult. This time I barely notice it.


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    Congrats Karen! A little visual success goes a long way to keeping you motivated!

    The carnitas were as yummy as they smelled! I loved the comment in the recipe about too much nibbling before the meat even hit the table.

    Hubby and I attended a Trivia Night on Saturday. Way too much SAD stuff, but I had brought taco dip (sour cream, meat, tomatoes, salsa, and cheese; skip the chips), and my SIL brought deer kabobs and deer sausage. Too much on the portion side, but the choices were good.

    We've got basketball on the calendar for tomorrow evening, so I'll do my fast right away on Monday.

    I'm glad you tried the turnip dish and couldn't even tell they were in it. I might have to try it now. Turnips are one dish I don't like!

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