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Thread: That Time of Year - Lenten Whole30

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    How did everyone's first day go? I made it through my fast of 36 hours. Breakfast this morning was 2 fried eggs in coconut oil with tumeric, bacon, and kefir. Delicious! We're going to Chili's tonight for our anniversary, so wish me luck. I've been thinking about some of the choices and concentrating on making the best ones, like a glass of wine instead of a mixed drink, fajitas without the tortillas, etc.

    Starting weight: 185
    Today's weight 182.8
    Goal 170 Easter

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    Great job on the fast! Yesterday went well- I woke up this morning feeling great, which is nice Today has been good so far- smoothie for breakfast, resisted temptation of 5 million pounds of chocolate around the school where I teach, cookie cakes, cake pops, etc. and am getting ready for my huge salad with chicken, avocado, and almonds for lunch. We're going out to dinner tonight too, to an Italian restaurant of all places. Anyone have any suggestions on what to eat?

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    Happy anniversary, Tigger! Congratulations! How many years? Is your spouse Primal, too?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chicagorunner View Post
    We're going out to dinner tonight too, to an Italian restaurant of all places. Anyone have any suggestions on what to eat?
    You can almost always find a decent salad and/or antipasto option at Italian places -- and they usually have real olive oil to dress the salad. If there are meat entrees served with a side of pasta just ask for veggies instead of pasta. I've been known to just order a bowl of Bolognese sauce (meat sauce), no pasta with a side salad. It might get me some strange looks but it works for me.

    I was successful with my Ash Wednesday fast, too. Also a 36hr fast for me with just water and the spiritual nourishment of communion. I find it a little ironic that I give up wheat and alcohol for Lent and then head to church for transformed bread and wine. I must admit, I'm not personally convinced of the church's theology of transubstantiation but I am open to it. In any case, it would seem inappropriate to allow a Lenten vow to prevent me from participating in the Eucharist. So whether bread and wine and/or body and blood, the Eucharist is not excluded for me in my Whole 30.

    Interestingly, I have found that a water only fast has only been possible for me since going Primal. I tried it several times in years past but was never able to get through the day and ended up doing a "legal" Catholic fast with one small meal and maybe a snack -- and even that was difficult. I switched to Primal just a few weeks before Lent 2011. My first water only fast was Good Friday that year and I've managed a full fast for Ash Wednesday and Good Friday ever since. Anyone else notice fasting is easier with a Primal metabolism? I had a few moments yesterday when I felt hungry but not too bad, certainly not difficult and never that shaky, urgent, "must eat NOW" feeling that I used to get.


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    If you happen to be going to Olive Garden, they do have some gluten-free pasta choices, though sometimes those "bad ingredients" are just replaced with other equally "bad ingredients." On the other hand, even the delicious little "mom and pop" places should have some plain steak entree. Maybe you can substitute a baked potato for the side dish of pasta? Good luck. And remember, "Baby steps in the right direction are jst as important as big leaps when you are building your foundation!"

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    Have you been living at my house? I loved your last paragraph and concur with a resounding "YES!" Fasting is so much easier since going Primal. I have done four years of 3:00 on Good Friday to Easter morning, and just plowed through it on principle. This past year, I barely felt any hunger pains at all. It's so nice to be missing that shaky, urgent, "must eat NOW" feeling.
    Hubby and I are celebrating 26 years today. He's not Primal, but I couldn't ask for a more supportive husband. He's the breakfast maker in our household, and for the past 14 months has made me a separate Primal breakfast. He has never complained about the cost of GOOD eggs and other things that now find their way into my cart. He notices when I backslide that my mood deteriorates. In fact, after a good meltdown mid-January (Christmas indulgences finally catching up with me!), he, very lovingly, suggested I buckle down and get back with the program. I wouldn't be surprised if he comes around to Primal thinking in the next year or two.

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    Wow, Tigger! 26 years is fantastic! My husband and I will be celebrating our 23rd anniversary in April. It's good that your husband is so supportive. Just before I switched to Primal both my husband and I were (mostly) vegetarians. In fact he was nearly vegan, eating a very low-fat diet (this had been our diet for nearly a decade). I decided to try Primal eating as a 1 month experiment. I never expected to continue with it. For a while we were like the Sprats -- he could eat no fat and I could eat no lean. Only 2 weeks into my experiment we were both amazed at the success I was having going Primal. It was enough to convince my husband to try his own experiment with Primal eating. We're now 2 years Primal and we've never looked back!

    Yesterday went well for me.
    BREAKFAST was a couple of eggs scrambled in bacon fat, a few thin slices of prosciutto and a 1/2 cup of black coffee. I really do miss having the milk in my coffee. I had a cup of green tea mid-morning.
    LUNCH was a big salad with lots of greens and veggies and a few more slices of prosciutto. I normally would have had some quality Parmesan cheese on the salad but I managed fine without it.

    Our special Valentine's DINNER at home with the kids last night was wonderful. Our local health food store, Earth Fare, was running a special this week: one 3-4oz lobster tail + one 6oz grassfed fillet steak = $9. What a deal! I broiled the lobster tails using Tessemae's Garlic Lemon dressing (love that stuff!), pan seared the fillets in bacon fat and topped them with a slice of local bacon (pasture-raised) and served it all up with some fresh broccoli and winter strawberries. WOW! The only thing missing was the champagne but that was easily overlooked with all the wonderful food. The kids, who aren't Primal and don't like steak, had heart-shaped pancakes in addition to the bacon, strawberries, and broccoli. It was a great way to please everyone and it was a really lovely dinner together!

    Tigger and Chicagorunner, did things go well with your dinning out last night?

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    Congrats on your 23 as well! How old are your kids? Do you think they will become Primal down the road? Out of our four kids (22, 19, 14, 12), three of them have some minor stomach/digestive issues. So for now we compromise, because I don't think I could convince a 14 year old boy to not eat pizza with his buddies. I'd rather compromise than be dogmatic and turn them off it it completely. By watching what they eat at home, they are able to eat what they want when out with friends.

    I'd give myself a B- for last night. Fajitas with no tortillas and extra guacamole were a good choice, but I did give into the margaritas. Well worth the indulgence! I also had one of the southwest eggrolls off the appetizer plate.

    Breakfast today was a banana, bacon and white tea on the go. Tonight is game two of our youngest's basketball tournament, making dinner an Every-man-for-himself event. Yummy leftover stir fry for me. With this weekend being the holiday, we'll be out of town on Saturday and Sunday, four hotel and restaurant meals. Fortunately Monday is no school for any of us, so that might be a good day for my fast next week.

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    Tigger, I give myself a B- too. Dinner was great- roast chicken with broccoli, but I did have some calamari as an appetizer that was breaded. I'm giving myself the 80/20 rule on this one since it was a holiday!

    This weekend will be tough because it's our tasting trial for the upcoming wedding- but other than that, I plan on following Paleo as close as possible! Have a great one, everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger View Post
    How old are your kids? Do you think they will become Primal down the road?
    They're 7 and 11. They've grown up on organic, whole foods. Most of what they eat is already Primal but they're just not ready to give up sugar and grain. I'd rather lead by example than force the issue. We make sure they eat plenty of Primal meats and plants every day and we try to make their sugar and grain choices among the better options available. They're probably 60/40 Primal and their 40% comes from natural ingredients and not the chemical laden, ultra-processed snack foods. I don't know if/when they'll ever choose to give up sugar and grains.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger View Post
    With this weekend being the holiday, we'll be out of town on Saturday and Sunday, four hotel and restaurant meals. Fortunately Monday is no school for any of us, so that might be a good day for my fast next week.
    Have a great trip. Good luck finding meals that work for you while out and about.

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    I had chocolate yesterday and the day before yesterday. So basically I am starting today. I had roast chicken and grated red beet, carrot and apple.

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