descriptive subject line, but real concerns ....

I am running my first 50k in a few weeks and have become border-line obsessed with poop management during, or ideally before, the race.

On training runs and a single half marathon (longest race before this), I've had plenty of time to get up and 'empty' myself before starting. I may not have this luxury as the race starts at 7:30, required a 30 minute drive, a forty minute shuttle and check-in all before 7:15.

I have no problem crapping in the woods during the race, but wonder if there is a way to avoid this, specifically the time involved. I see three options:
  • -try not to worry about it and just slip off the trail and take the time when I need to.
  • -find something that acts as a reliable natural laxitive to empty out the night before
  • -after my last 'normal' crap (probably mid-morning Friday), modify diet, take some imodium and postpone until after the race.

The first is least desirable due to the unpredictable timing and the minutes it'll add to my race time.

The second seems unreliable and if its close to effective, but not, could be a problem.

The third is most interesting to me. I am pretty much fat-adapted and normally consume 50-90g of carbs daily - this was up to 100-150 before and after long runs but lately I've been doing long runs consuming 2,000 +/- calories of maltodextrine (250-300g of complex carbs) immediately before and during runs of 3+ hours. Its not primal, but it works well and I don't expect any big or lasting negative impact

Any thoughts on how performance might be effected If I stopped fat and most solid food 24 hours before and fueled only on maltodextrine and perhaps protein for a the day before the race. Maybe even some Imodium the morning of to help stop thngs up.

I know Grok dumped in the woods, but, 1. It took him a few minutes and 2. He had to,