Hi Mark!

I'm a 58(next month) year old man who once upon a time was very active and athletic.
Upon discontinuing my formal level of activity I gained weight due to poor eating habits.
Along with that came the big 3. Diabetes, blood pressure, & cholesterol.

Last year I finally saw the light, and with the help of the Primal Blueprint and the Apple I've turned it around. I've lost between 35-40 lbs, and am nearly off all meds, just a little longer for blood pressure. and have been working out again for about 2 months. In the last 8-10 years I've lost a significant amount of muscle mass. I'd like to regain as much back as I can before too much time goes by because its harder to recapture as you age.
I take a whey shake about once a day to help keep my protein intake up. I'm about 97-98 fully primal otherwise. I'm still trying to lose whatever excess fat I still have, I estimate about 25 or so. I'm currently 5'7" and 190 lbs. I was wondering if bcaa is remotely primal and/or if it would help regain some muscle mass.