Hello, all. I have a few questions regarding how to incorporate Grok's lifestyle into my own. I'm good on the diet part, and have purchased the Primal Blueprint and the Primal Connection (They will arrive tomorrow, and I am looking forward to reading them). My questions stem from a confusion on how I would go about mixing Grok's workouts into my own.

I am starting training for a triathlon in about two weeks, once my swim season is over. After a month of training, my track season starts. During my track season, Grok will be forgotten workout-wise, and I have everything planned out for that, but after track season, I will be back to triathlon training.

I was just wondering how one would go about incorporating the primal fitness style into triathlon training. Would one simply replace the move part with the triathlon stuff, and do the Lift Heavy Things and sprint bits like you would if you were just doing primal fitness? This seems to be the most logical way of doing this, but I wanted to see if any of you here have done something like this before.