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Thread: Sinus infection-like symptoms. Gluten? Dairy?

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    Sinus infection-like symptoms. Gluten? Dairy?

    Hi all,

    Longtime lurker, rare poster, but I'm going to try to get more involved in this community - having this kind of support is fantastic!

    So I've been on and off the wagon with regard to Primal Eating for awhile, meaning I'll eat well during the week and then during the weekend, I'll loosen up the reins a little bit. But, being aware of what loosening up the reins does to my body and feeling the after-effects, I'm doubting that it's even worth it at all. Just recently I attended a local food conference in Northern Wisconsin, which was fantastic, but the meat options weren't that great. I ended up not using this as a great opportunity for IF, but rather, as a great opportunity to catch up on the carby foods that I had been (not) missing. Honestly, as I was eating that stuff, I was thinking - God, this is just fodder. I felt undernourished the whole time.

    In any case, now I'm back and eating Primally, but I have what feels like a sinus infection. My throat is a bit sore and I'm experiencing some post-nasal drippage. Phlegmy. I'm wondering, does anyone know if this is my body detoxifying from all the gluten? Could it be the hard cheese that I've been leaning on as I get back into the swing of low carb eating again? Or did I just manage to get myself sick?

    Thoughts appreciated. Thanks, everybody!

    Height - 5'5"
    Current weight - 170
    Goal weight - 115-135, will see when I get there :-)
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