Ok let me start by saying Im not pregnant yet but hope to be in 2 months. I've only been eating PB for 10 days and I've lost 7 lbs! I seem to be eating anywhere from 50 -80g of carbs a day( fruit and veggies)and I feel good but I'm thinking that wouldnt be a good idea while pregnant right? When I get pregnant should I add potatoes and rice back into my diet? Should I make sure I reach 150g? Want to make sure I'm doing it right especially while I'm growing my baby any advice is appreciated.

I'm very overweight im 5'4 ,started PB at 233.8 lbs and am now 226.6 lbs, I would really love to not pack on the pounds with this pregnancy, with my daughter I gained 76lbs eating SAD. Now to be fair I had just lost 76 lbs (6 week body makeover)before I got pregnant with her so I basically gained all the weight I had lost back, but still. Ideally I would lose the bulk of this weight prior to trying to concieve but my husband and I have put off having another child for 2 years now because of my health issues(graves disease/ hyperthyroid). I had a total thyroidectomy a month ago and am now on synthyroid 150mg. I wish I would've know abou PB before having the surgery and seen if changing from eating SAD to PB would have helped bring my autoimmune disease into remission. But shoulda, coulda, woulda, what's done is done. Can't grow my thyroid back so I gotta deal with what I've got.