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Thread: preparation for pullups

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    nothing beats a space at home for this, though. i could bang out 10x1 on these movements while dinner was cooking.
    Agreed, having a pullup bar at home and doing a couple of whatever progression I was in every time I walked through the door was the silver bullet.

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    Aaaahhh, pull ups are so hard but such a great core workout. It took me years to figure these out. Start with assisted pull ups and change up your grip. I found having my plams facing me made things easier.

    After assisted pull ups, switch to slow negatives. Stand on a chair to put yourself in the finished up position then slowly lower yourself to a full hang. Begin with a five second count and progress to eight to twelve secs. Nothing else I ever tried worked until I used the negatives.
    Good luck!

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    The best way to start doing a pull-up is to do assisted pull-ups. It's not only about losing weight, it's about developing your upper body strength, particularly the lats. Doing the pull-up movement with assistance will help with that. Also doing negatives will help (jumping up, holding on to the bar, then slowly lowering yourself down).

    I do pullups with resistance bands to assist me at my crossfit gym, and though I do not have a real pull-up yet and I'm a ways away from getting one, my upper body strength has grown in leaps and bounds from where I started. So, sure, losing weight will of course make a pull-up easier for you, but that's not the entire picture

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    I never had much success starting out using a chair but works for some. I couldn't get the right angle I guess. Progressed much faster using a heavy band to start with super slow negatives.

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    I just went primal at the New Year and last weekend tried my first Lift Heavy Things day. I am not at all fit and was starting at level 1 for the 4 essential movements.

    I still have 80 pounds to lose (already lost 20+) and am currently at 289 and I was trying chair assisted pull ups and I think almost all my upward movement was being driven by my legs. This thread is making me feel better about what I was not able to accomplish. I will keep on trying just to get my muscles used to the movements for a pull up but I won't expect much improvement until my weight loss progresses much further.

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    Stick with it, all the above,
    ya gotta want it,

    I started 9/2012, had already been eating low sugar when I found Primal.
    I'll still eat whatever so we won't talk weight tonight.

    Started the fitness program, pull ups were the worst,
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    my level 1, but as a Ausie pullup, started at 5 rep and failure, then maybe 2 more before quitting that set.

    I saw small progressions, and some setbacks,
    but only now, 5 going on 6 months later, following the 2 x's a week protocol, am I approaching the 20 rep goal value(s).
    Yeah, 20 reps Aussie style first set, 16 (30 second rest) + 7 for second set, 2/5/2013.
    And the progressions are coming faster across all the 4 movements the last month or so.

    Stick with it, ya gotta want it,
    now about that eating thing,,,,,
    I'm at 210 same as 9/12, but inches from my waiste are now up on my shoulder and chest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by primalrob View Post
    there are plenty of progressions that you can work on to help you get to full pull ups, which will make you stronger, and speed up that fat loss.

    this guy has some good ones
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    Ask your husband to hold you and give you a boost while doing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalrob View Post
    can you do assisted pull ups?
    i found that when i was originally building up to pull ups i could do assisted, reverse, horizontal pulls, etc. using a grease the groove fashion to get me where i wanted to be.
    nothing beats a space at home for this, though. i could bang out 10x1 on these movements while dinner was cooking.
    I've used the assisted pullup machine, but I don't think the movement is all that similar to a real pullup. I should use bands instead but haven't gotten around to wanting to spend the money. I've tried doing negatives on the playground but it can be difficult to find a playground with the right configuration of stuff. I tried negatives in the gym. Why do they put the pullup stations SO HIGH? I can't reach any of them. Back on the playground, I tried the kind of pullup where your feet are on the ground but I banged my head trying to use a ladder on one of those playground things. I haven't found another better playground yet. I decided to just forget about pullups for now.
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