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    New to Primal Blue Print...!

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    Hi Guys, I have started the Primal lifestyle and have been at it for 2 weeks now, going well, i have lost 2 kg in 8 days with a complete revamp to my diet and training....just a question, which are the best proimal fruits? i know mangos have high sugar as do apples etc....any advice? My meal menu for today is the following, Yoghurt with mixed raw nuts and a tea spoon of honey, tangeruine, apple, small bunch of grapes, mixed tossed salad with chicken breast and olive oil/balsamic binnager, 50g beef jerky, salmon fillet 100g, mediteranin mix veg.....some advice on fruits would be appreciated

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    Whatever is in season

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    Best fruits are berries, strawberries and stonefruit. Check Mark's blog, he has at least one article on it like this one: The Best Low-Carb Fruits (and the Worst) | Mark's Daily Apple

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