I know we have a few nursing moms here with new babes...is anyone eating oatmeal for milk supply? I was, thinking it was harmless enough, and frankly after a night of cluster feeding I was pretty ravenous and could eat ANYTHING while I cooked eggs for breakfast....But then my eggs would get cold while I got three kids ready to head out in the morning....
I feel like I can use the carbs, but since I've been eating the oatmeal my middle has been bloated (after having a baby that is the LAST thing I need). I do eat more starchy veg in the winter, and probably more dairy, too.
I lost the baby weight, but my belly is gross. Anyone else find the oats bloating? I remembered that I used to enjoy them a million years ago before Paleo/Primal, but all bets seem to be off during Pregnancy/lactation!
Little man is 2 months old, and milk supply is great, he is gaining well and happy.