Today I was playing with

Nutrition facts, calories in food, labels, nutritional information and analysis –

Actually I was checking the macro/micro nutrients, vitamins, the breakdown of saturated/mono/polyinsaturated fats, and the inflammation factor of the foods I usually eat. And something is not clear... According to this website, which seems to be quite rigorous (I am also checking other sources to compare the data), onion, garlic, carrots, turmeric and ginger are highly anti-inflammatory. So far so good, we already knew and that's why we love them.

But... some other ingredients which are very popular in the primal/paleo movement seem to be very inflammatory, some examples:

- coconut oil
- coconut milk
- butter oil (ghee)
- tapioca
- ...

I agree, I agree: we do not drink coconut oil. A normal dose is 7 grams on a frying pan to sauté 100 grams of onions, in the end the balance is positive. The dose makes the poison right? Right! Then coconut milk may be an issue: it's easy to drop 200ml into a sauce, or when preparing a coconut milk kefir.

Tallow and lard are inflammatory, too, but much less compared to coconut oil and ghee. Oil of olive instead is anti-inflammatory, still nothing compared to the flaxseed oil (if it weren't for the fitoestrogens I would use it more often).

Tapioca is very inflammatory (like almost anything starchy such as rice or potatoes), if used as a thickener it may not be an issue, but as a flour replacement... I'd rather avoid eating 100 grams of baked, rancid tapioca, wouldn't you?

Another surprise, blueberries: according to the data they are slightly inflammatory. I agree that we eat blueberries for the anti-oxidant action which is something different, but then why not having strawberries instead (maybe less anti-oxidants, but mildly anti-inflammatory and half the sugars of blueberries)?

Finally, and provided nutritiondata is correct, some good news: macadamias and brazil-nuts are powerful anti-inflammatory foods. I feel less guilty to have my handful of both of them almost every day.

Any ideas? Where am I wrong?

P.S. Just for fun, check soybean oil... use it as a jolly when discussing with a vegan