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Thread: Struggling with portion control

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    I would say just stick to the foods that are more moderate in fat when you do eat your meats. Eat eggs, steak, chicken, fish, lean ham, etc., and as much of it as you want. Stay away from foods such as bacon, sausage, cheese, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.. Realize that you get all the fat you need from the eggs, fish, and steaks, so adding anything else can be just too much and unnecessary.

    I also agree with the other ideas such as saving your meals until later. You can also try fasting if you have to.

    Another option I have tried that works is inserting some very low calorie days. One way to make that easier is to go with extremely lean protein sources such as egg whites. As an example, a while carton of egg beaters is only 550 calories. Throw in some veggies and you're still easily well under 800 calories, if you can even finish it all; I actually have trouble with it. Think of it as similar to fasting, but without having to actually do a real fast.

    One other thing I noticed is that fish is actually very filling and low in calories. And including some days where you'd have fish as your main dish and include a lot of non-starchy veggies, is a sure way to go low in calories while feeling stuffed. You also end up feeling A LOT better because the fat from the fish is so good for you.

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    Intermittent fasting. Eat once a day and gorge.
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    The only way I learned to control portions was to get a nice scale with a tare feature. We got the one recommended by America's Test Kitchen and we use it all the time. I had no clue what constituted a normal portion before I started weighing. Then, if I stop weighing, my portion sizes slowly increase. Before I know it, I am eating 20-25% extra calories!

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    ^^this! I started to weight my foods, especially the was like sticker shock, I did not realize that I was eating that much.
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