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Thread: blood work help...hypothyroidism, t3, kidneys,& potassium?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashley.thepie.rat View Post
    I got the blood work done thru healthcheckusa..I am inbetween drs right now & have been having a few hypo symptoms (always cold, thin hair that keeps falling out, brain fog) so I went ahead & got it done while it was cheap so I could have it to take with me whenever I do find a new dr, so he has some what of an idea of what I'm starting with. I started low carb because I was told I was pre-diabetic & had PCOS.. my thyroid results at the time were a bit low, but all in range & have gotten worse each time I've gotten work done..but of course anytime I show my blood work to a Dr, all they see is the cholesterol & never give me much advice on the other issues.

    I think for now I am going to quit fasting, add some more carbs (fruits & more squashes) & quit taking the l carentine & maybe start vitiman D..I plan on seeing the nutrionalist in March or April.
    My suggestion is to make sure you are getting enough selenium, vitamin D, calories including carbs for a few months and see how you feel.

    If symptoms persist the retest thyroid, making sure you get the right tests-- TSH, FreeT4, FreeT3. I would also include ferritin and vitamin D with the thyroid testing.

    If you are going to use healthcheckusa I suggest this thyroid panel:
    Thyroid Panel II: T4 Free, T3 Free with TSH

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    You're getting good advice. You need to supplement with Selenium because selenium supports and protects the thyroid. So especially if you have Hashi's (which it sounds as though it's not determined, since you don't indicate if they tested your thyroid antibody levels). You need to supplement with D3 because most people with thyroid problems are low on D3- whether that is the cause or the result I don't think has been determined but D3 supports your general immunity so you need it. Your serum levels of D3 should be >70. I didn't see that test in there either, but your bloodwork listing is hard to read so I might have missed it.
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